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Anxious about the big move?
Here are some tips to help you.

Excited about moving but unsure about what to pack? Your first thought may be to bring EVERYTHING with you. Don’t. Just pack the essentials below and bring the rest on your next trip.

Or you could save some money and share items with your future flatmates. Connect with them even before you arrive on Facebook for Archer House, Castle Gate Haus, MSV, MSV South, The Grafton, Cathedral Campus, Hotwells House, Weston Court and Garth Heads. Here’s a list to help you get started.


 Bedroom Icon Bedroom

Make it your own space with colourful cushions and pictures of home. Remember to bring your own:

  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet and duvet cover
  • Pillows and pillowcases

Kitchen Icon Kitchen

We provide the essential appliances (kettle, toaster and microwave), so you don’t have to lug them from home. Just bring your own:

  • Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and pans
  • Cutlery and utensils (tin/bottle opener, etc.)
  • Tea towels and oven gloves
  • Washing up liquid, dishcloth and scrubbing brush

Bathroom Icon Bathroom

Some things you just can’t share, like your personal care items. So remember to pack:

  • Bath and hand towels
  • A basket for your shower things
  • Toilet roll (replenish often)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Study Table Icon Study Table

We provide a desk in every room so you can study whenever you want to. Bring your own:

  • Laptop
  • Desk lamp
  • Stationery (pens, pencils, staplers, post-it notes, etc.)
  • Notepads and A4 paper for printing
  • Folders to file your work away

Housekeeping Icon Housekeeping

You probably don’t do any of it at home, but if you want a clean room, here’s what you have to bring with you:

  • Laundry bag
  • Laundry detergent
  • Clothes rack to dry your smalls
  • Cleaning products for the flat
  • Vacuum cleaner (Or you could hire one from the reception if available)

Check and double-check your list, so you arrive prepared with everything you need.

Bring all your essentials from the Packing List here.

  1. Pack your in-date passport or driver’s licence. You’ll need photo ID to collect your keys.
  2. Pre-book your transport and arrive in style, and on time.
  3. If you’re driving, we have car parks at the MSV, MSV South and Cathedral Campus. It’s free parking on arrival day for you. If you wish to
  4. park longer please speak to the site team on the day
  5. Get unpacked and settle in. Say hello to your new neighbours at our Check-in Party.

Enjoy your stay!

Do you shop online? Or expecting parcels or mail from home?

We’ll be happy to sign for them if you’re not in. Just make sure the sender includes your registered name and your flat number so that we know it’s you!

To claim your parcels, bring your photo ID to our reception. Download our dwell app for updates on when your parcels have arrived. Make sure you download the app!

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Why bring everything on the Packing List, when you can get them delivered to you?

We have a broad range of gadgets and essentials for you. Order what you need before you move in and your pack will be ready for your arrival.

Staying with us has many privileges. One of them is you’ll get amazing discounts at Student Beans.

Sign up now to enjoy your offer!

Disclaimer: Student Beans operates as a separate company from Centurion Students UK and we are in no way connected to each other. Any offers or discounts provided by Student Beans are not covered by any warranty or guarantee from dwell students and we do not have control over what offers or discounts are displayed on this website. Your use of information or materials on this website are at your own risk.

Bedroom & kitchen packs

Delivered to your halls in time for arrival.

Uni Kit Out provide amazing starter kits from bedroom packs to kitchen essentials. They’ve got you covered if you need to kit your flat out!! What’s even better, is that if you have booked to live with dwell Student Living, you get an amazing 10% discount on Uni Kit Out’s kitchen packs. All you need to do is add the discount code DWELL10 when checking out on their Uni Kit Out website.

Bedroom and Kitchen Packs Image

The App for dwell students.

At dwell, we are here to make student life simpler, so you can spend more time on things you enjoy and less time on the chores. That is why we have created the dwell App.

For on-the-go students who don’t have time to stop to report jobs, or for the students who are awaiting that important delivery and want it as soon as it’s signed for.

Wherever you are, if you’ve got the app, we’ve got you covered!


  • Report maintenance when you are on the go
  • Receive notifications when your parcel arrives at the reception
  • Book out a resource with the simple tap of a button
  • Get updated straight on the progress of your maintenance jobs
  • Need some support, we’ve got you covered with a list of contacts for people who may be able to help you what ever your issue
The App for dwell students content Image

Who is the app for?

The app can be downloaded by anyone who lives in a dwell property. To log in to the app all you need is your email address and password which is a number (6 digits)

How do I log in to the app?

Simple, just use the email you have registered with us and your password, and you’ll be all set to go.

Download dwell app here

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Glide Student – Our Internet Provider

We work with Glide to provide you with inclusive internet and WiFi at all of our student accommodations.

From streaming to gaming to binge-watching Netflix, super fast broadband is an essential part of your everyday that’s why we partnered with Glide to provide you with the best service possible. With speeds up to 70 mbps you can download and stream to your hearts content!

How do I get set up?

It’s simple once you’ve settled in to your room, get creating your free account via the Glide website. You will receive a guide on how to do this in your welcome pack once you check in. If you misplace this do not worry, follow the steps below to get yourself set up!

num icon  When you first arrive in your accommodation, connect your device to the Wi-Fi network. You’re looking for the network Glide.

num icon  Once you select to connect to the network, click on your internet browser and Glide website will open.

num icon  If you are new to site select the option to ‘Get Started’ then select the free broadband service or Upgrade if you prefer!

num icon  Select to put this in your basket and go to checkout- during this stage it might ask for details like your Twitter handle etc so they can contact you if you have any connection problems in the future.

num icon  Once completed you can then browse online. If you wish to add other devices or need further support, click the link below.

Our Internet Provider Image

For any Glide Wi-Fi help, you will need to contact Glide’s support team using their details:


+44(0)333 123 0115
(lines are open 24 hours a day)