Short Term Stays

Short Term Stays

Currently live with us and want to extend your stay?

No problem! Extend your stay at your current weekly price. Whether you want to extend for a few days or several weeks, we’ve got you covered. Apply on your dwell portal for the extension, and within it, say how long you want to stay extra for.

Want to stay for just the summer?

If you want to stay for the summer in the city, spend it at dwell!

Manchester Student Village:
Non-Ensuite room = £135 per week
Ensuite room = £160 per week

MSV South:
Ensuite room = £160 per week

Weston Court:
Non-Ensuite room = £121 per week

Cathedral Campus:
Non-Ensuite room = £115 per week
Ensuite room = £120 per week

Apply on our online booking system and then one of our accommodation teams will take a look into your request and will get in touch with you. Most summer stays are available from 20th July 2024, until a maximum stay of 31st August 2024, but the site team would reply to let you know if the stay was available.

Booked for 24/25 and wish to arrive early?

If you want to arrive earlier than your 24/25 contract start date, you can apply on your dwell portal and then your accommodation team will be in contact with you to let you know if your stay is available. The stay would be charged at your 24/25 weekly rent price. However, if you wish to arrive over 2 weeks early, you’ll be charged the summer price (applicable sites offering summer are listed above).

23/24 Short Term Stays

Although the 23/24 academic year already started back in September 2023, your study plans/course may mean you’re still looking for accommodation for the rest of the current academic year.

Check out our short term stays below for the rest of the academic year   (or if you just want to stay for summer, check out our “Summer 2024” section on this page!).

Short Term Stays 2023/24

  • Liverpool


Get in touch for more information, or visit our FAQ’s page.


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