Bronze Non Ensuite | 3 Bed Apartment

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Room Occupancy
51 weeks
£136.00 /week
Availability: Sold Out

Bronze Non Ensuite | 3 Bed Apartment

Situated in a 3 bedroom flat, our Bronze Non Ensuite room allows you to have your own space in your bedroom, then share the toilet/shower-room and kitchen with your flatmates.

Each room comes with a small double bed, wardrobe and shelving, along with access to a lovely balcony for you to chill out on. All rooms have 250 MB Wi-Fi, which is included with your rent along with all other bills!

As the Bronze Non Ensuite is located in a shared flat, it’s great for people who want to meet more people and make friends.

Please note that the photographs, videos and tour content used on our website are for reference only, and all rooms can differ in terms of layout and size for example.

Room Features

In-room Amenities

Small Double Bed

Shared Kitchen

Shared Bathroom

Balcony Access



Services & Maintenance

All Bills Included

Parcel Handling Service

On-Site Management Team

In-House Maintenance Team

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